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Income Tax

Income Tax Slabs and Rates

* Income Tax slabs and rates for all categories of tax payers
* TDS rates
* Depreciation Rates
* Other Income Tax rates

For viewing Income Tax Slabs and Rates PLEASE CLICK

Information of Income Tax Act & Rules

Information on Taxability of Income from various source, Income Tax & Taxable income, Taxability of various allocances, Taxability of income from Capital gains, Deductions Allowable from income and other topics are given in simple language. For viewing the above Information of Income Tax Act & Rules, Please Click.

Income Tax - Online

* e-Filing procedure
* Excel Utility for e-filing * View 26AS online * Pay Tax on line For viewing the above Income Tax - Online , Please Click.

FAQs on Income Tax

There are number of questions arises in the mind of general public on every topic. Such Frequently Asked Questions on the topics of Income Tax are :

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